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Medical Workshops – This is how we put the inspiration in!


Year Group: 7-8

Perfect For: PSHE.

A mix of hands on activities with themes covering smoking, obesity, diet, ageing, drug, alcohol and knife education.

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Year Group: 9-13

Perfect for: Careers.

Amazing hands on activities with a focus on Healthcare science careers that require A-C grades at GCSE in Maths, English and Science.

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Year group: 10-13

Perfect for: Enrichment, A-level, BTEC.

Even more advanced workshop with more analysis and diagnosis with some very special kit.

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Year Group: All

Perfect for: Enrichment, whole year group days.

Engage a whole year group for a day with 3, 4 or even 5 workshops running at the same time.

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Sports Science Workshops – This is how we put the inspiration in!


Year group: All year groups.

Perfect for: Enrichment, PE TEN.

Amazing sports science challenges where your students can see how they compare the best in the world!

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Year group: All year groups

Perfect for: GCSE, A-level, BTEC & IBAC.

Advanced sports science testing in your sports hall, including VO2 max tests, blood lactate and more.

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Race the world’s greatest athletes through our 15m tunnel!

As featured on Sky Sports Game Changers.

Suitable for all ages at schools and public events around the world!

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Our workshops put the Inspiration In to get the Aspirations Out

character-web“I know, I know…that’s a big statement to make, but let me explain.

How cool would it be, if one of your students came to a workshop, decided they wanted to work in the health service and then in years to come they end up treating us in the local hospital. It’s not just about careers either.

One of your students could discover they have a special talent in a sports science test and decide to try a local sports club and continue to do so throughout their life!

That one workshop has changed the student’s life as well as:

– All the people and families they treat.

– The student’s children, as they encourage them to take part in sport.

– Society, as we have more awesome people caring and living healthier lives.

It’s all about providing them with the opportunity to see what they can do with their potential in life”.

Tom Warrender – Founder of Classroom Medics

Number of students inspired by CRM


“The Workshops were fantastic!…”

“I just loved the fact you just turned up and got on with the day. The pupils got to do things they would never get to do otherwise.”
Holly Aiston – St Anne’s Catholic School, Southampton

“Your team know their stuff!…”

“The kids really enjoyed all of the activities and Nick & Sarah were absolutely brilliant, helpful, friendly & knew how to speak to the kids. Fab all round.”
Pippa Taylor - Oriel High School, Crawley

It’s not just schools that love us. These guys do as well!


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